Belleville City Hall.

Welcome to the City of Belleville Ontario. In 2008 Belleville celebrates its 130th anniversary.

Belleville occupies a great position in the industrial, commercial and recreational life of south-eastern Ontario.

Located halfway between Toronto and Montreal, with easy access by road and water, Belleville today is a city on the move.

Belleville's Bridge to Prince Edward County.

Highway 401, Via Rail, Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railways, as well as a municipal airport serve the city of over 50,000 inhabitants.

Despite the hustle and bustle that goes with progress, Belleville remains a "friendly city", where people still have time to stop and chat with visitors on the streets. It has not grown that big that one cannot enjoy a breath of fresh air. Belleville is a city of people who value the quality of life above all.

The endeavours of the people in Belleville are evident in well-designed public buildings, splended parks and numerous service and recreational facilities. Attractive new homes and highrise buildings are changing the face of the city. A host of shops and stores are catering to the needs and the wants of an ever growing population. The city's many diverse industries are trading globally.

Belleville Marina.

Belleville's traditions go back to Loyalist days, and some of its rich and colorful history is still preserved in stately old houses and landmarks that blend harmoniously with the new. But the City of the 2,000's is a thriving community of over 50,000 and the look of progress. It is a city that is not standing still. Built on the solid foundation laid by generations past, Belleville looks ahead to a bright tomorrow.

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Belleville in Flowers.

Belleville is home to a growing number of diverse large and small industries and as the largest urban centre in the Quinte district, it is the area headquarters for various provincial and federal government departments.

There is a new hospital complex, an ultra-modern shopping mall just off the 401, and an ever expanding industrial park in the city's north-east sector.

In recent years, many new parks and recreational facilities have been developed.

"Come with us and see for yourself the Belleville of the past and present."

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